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​​​What makes your application so vulnerable?

Third-Party Integration   

SQL Injection

Bad Bots

Outdated Scripts

Password Hacks

Phishing & Social Hacks

Software Vulnerabilities

Plugin Vulnerabilities


Our Certified Security Experts will help your Applications tested and find weaknesses in your security before it is too late. 

Get your Applications & Systems Tested to Detect Bugs & Loopholes

 Things we do at Neumetric to Secure your Web Applications & Systems

Tools are used to check Application

Cyber Security Expert to find elusive Loopholes

Actionable insights to fix detected loopholes

​VAPT Pricing Plans

1 App

Vulnerability Assessment for Web & Mobile Apps, API group, VPC.


Base Price

  • 26 Days per App
  • Remediation guidance
  • CISA Certified Green Report


Including 18% GST

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3 Apps

Vulnerability Assessment for any 3 Web & Mobile Apps, API group, VPC.


Base Price

  • 26 Days per App
  • Remediation guidance
  • CISA Certified Green Report


Including 18% GST

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5 Apps

Vulnerability Assessment for any 5 Web & Mobile Apps, API group, VPC.


Base Price

  • 26 Days per App
  • Remediation guidance
  • CISA Certified Green Report


Including 18% GST

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>5 Apps

Vulnerability Assessment for >5 Web & Mobile Apps, API group, VPC.

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  • 26 Days per App
  • Remediation guidance
  • CISA Certified Green Report
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* One (1) Cycle consists of Two (2) scans, Discovery & Final

Increase security and reliability of your Applications & Systems by conducting a comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

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​Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for every question about VAPT you'll probably have.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing [VAPT]?
Vulnerability Assessment is a technical review of the Code for any bugs & loopholes that may allow unauthorized access or entry to the System.

While writing code developers may not be aware of the security loopholes in the written code.

Vulnerability Assessment is designed to identify such loopholes so that it can be fixed permanently, this ensures that hackers are unable to access the code for malicious purposes.
What is the duration of a scan?

Approximately 1.25 months excluding remediation activity.

What type of Assessment Methodology do you use?

Grey-box Manual Testing.

What Framework is used for testing?

OWASP Framework Top 10 2017.

What Tools are used for scanning?
Multiple tools are used during VAPT. Burp Suite & OWASP ZAP are the most commonly used, but depending on need & necessity, we use a host of tools & systems available in the Kali Linux OS. 

For Mobile Apps we frequently use Santoku OS. 

For APIs we primarily use Postman.
Do you provide Remediation support?

We do not remediate but do provide explanation on how to remediate the Vulnerabilities. Fixing them is your responsibility.

Do I require VAPT?

If you have a SaaS Product then you require VAPT.

How many URLs are included in one (1) cycle?

1 URL is considered as 1 Application

What Scanning Environment is required?

First Scan should NOT be conducted in Production environment. Rescan may be conducted in Production environment (restricted in scope to findings in First Scan). Written commitment is a must that the Staging & Production environment are mirrors of each other.

Is the scanning Manual or Automated?
This activity is a combination of using multiple scanning tools to scan and then manually evaluating the discovered vulnerabilities. Following the automated scans, our VA Experts then will conduct a Manual Scan to identify the vulnerabilities in greater depth. They will provide a list of Vulnerabilities and may also include providing an explanation on how the remediation should be conducted to your Engineering Team. Post this, a Final Scan will be done, similar to the Discovery Scan to ascertain all listed Vulnerabilities have been remediated.
What is the next step after the Discovery Scan?

Remediation. Based on the scan report, your Development team needs to fix the Vulnerabilities.

Is the Tool cost included?

Yes tool costs are included in the pricing.