VPC VAPT: Secure your Virtual Private Cloud Environment

Protecting your critical data in the cloud requires a proactive approach. Neumetric's VPC penetration testing service helps you identify and address vulnerabilities within your Virtual Private Cloud [VPC] environment on platforms like AWS.
This penetration test mimics real-world attacker methods to expose security gaps before malicious actors can exploit them. Our team of certified professionals leverages industry-standard methodologies and advanced tools to deliver a comprehensive assessment of your VPC security posture.


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Understanding VPC Vulnerabilities

VPC VAPT Methodology: A Step-by-Step Approach

This is a general overview of the VPC penetration testing process. The specific steps and techniques employed may vary depending on the unique configuration of your cloud environment and the identified threats. By following a structured methodology and leveraging a combination of automated tools and manual testing, Neumetric can deliver a comprehensive assessment of your VPC security posture and empower you to proactively address potential security weaknesses.

Why Choose Neumetric for VPC Penetration Testing?

Neumetric goes beyond just identifying vulnerabilities. We provide actionable insights and recommendations to prioritise remediation efforts and strengthen your overall cloud security. Our VPC penetration testing approach is designed to:

Contact Neumetric today to discuss your VPC penetration testing needs and learn how we can help you achieve a more secure cloud environment.

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What is Cloud VAPT?

Cloud vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are the best ways to help you identify the weaknesses in your cloud environment, so you can take steps to make it more secure.

Cloud vulnerability assessments are used by companies that want to be sure they have a secure cloud platform before they store any sensitive data there.

A penetration test is much like an audit, but it focuses on finding vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to access sensitive information or systems.

Both types of tests are valuable because they help you find out where your system is vulnerable before it’s too late!

How is Cloud Testing done?

Cloud vulnerability testing is done by scanning the cloud infrastructure for any potential security issues. The purpose of this is to ensure that the cloud infrastructure is secure and not vulnerable to attack.

Cloud vulnerability testing can be done manually or automatically. Manual tests are performed by an IT expert who inspects the security of a system. Automated tests are performed by an automated script that executes a series of checks on a system in order to determine whether it is secure.

What is the Purpose of Cloud Penetration Testing?

The purpose of cloud penetration testing is to identify vulnerabilities in the cloud infrastructure which could be exploited by attackers. The goal is to ensure that your company’s data is secure, and that a breach of your systems will not compromise your customer’s personal information or business data.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Penetration Testing?

Cloud penetration testing is beneficial because it helps you ensure that your cloud infrastructure is secure and safe from unauthorized access or attack. It also helps you identify possible areas where you need to improve your security measures so that they’re more effective at protecting your data and systems from attacks by malicious hackers. Cloud penetration testing can help ensure compliance with industry standards such as PCI DSS and HIPAA/HITECH, as well as internal policies.

What are some of the popular VPC Penetration Testing Tools

While the specific tools used may vary depending on your unique environment, some popular options include:

  1. Nessus
  2. OpenVAS
  3. sn1per
  4. Metasploit Framework
  5. Nmap

By combining these tools with our expert  methodologies, Neumetric delivers a thorough and effective VPC penetration testing service.

What VPC Penetration Testing Tools and Methodologies does Neumetric use?

Neumetric's VPC penetration testing methodology aligns with industry best practices, incorporating a blend of automated and manual testing techniques. Here's a glimpse into our approach:


  1. Cloud-based vulnerability scanners: These tools automate the identification of common misconfigurations and vulnerabilities within your VPC resources.
  2. Network security tools: We leverage tools for network traffic analysis, intrusion detection, and vulnerability assessment to identify weaknesses in your network configurations.
  3. Custom scripts and exploits: Our team may develop custom tools and exploit existing vulnerabilities to simulate advanced attack scenarios.


  1. Open-source Security Testing Methodology Manual [OSSTMM]: This industry-recognized framework provides a structured approach for penetration testing, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.
  2. Cloud Penetration Testing [CPT]: This methodology tailors the testing process specifically to cloud environments, considering unique security considerations.
  3. Additionally, Neumetric incorporates Neumetric's own proven methodologies, honed through years of experience in cloud security assessments.
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