Cloud Infrastructure Security Testing [CIST]

Why is Cloud Infrastructure Security Testing [CIST] worth your time?

Implementing a robust CIST Program provides tremendous value & protection to your business. Rather than waiting for an incident or audit failure to reveal gaps, proactive testing identifies vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. With CIST, we can validate that security controls are configured properly & operating as intended on your cloud environment. 

The result is a hardened cloud environment that saves you time and resources compared to recovering from a breach and also helps in achieving compliance with industry standards & regulations for data security.

CIST covers all these aspects:

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Microservices-driven Cloud-based Software as a Service [SaaS]

What is CIST?

A vast majority of Enterprise-class Applications are provided in the Software-as-a-Service [SaaS] model and are usually designed on the microservices architecture which service the main User-facing Applications by making Application Programming Interface [API] Calls. This architecture requires multiple computers to be connected within some kind of Local Area Network [LAN] within a controlled network environment. Together, this architecture is quite complex & can have a lot of vulnerabilities.

Most Hosting Providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, …) provide an interface to configure, control & manage this LAN infrastructure. The problem arises when the configurations in these interfaces do not adhere to best security practices. 

Cloud Infrastructure Security Testing [CIST] ensures that the discovery of all vulnerabilities that arise out of the misconfigurations in the cloud environment.

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Benefits of CIST

Our CIST Assessment will provide you a detailed Assessment Report on all the potential threats that exist in your Cloud Environment, including software vulnerabilities & misconfigurations. The Report provides recommendations on how to fix these problems, so that you can be sure your data is safe from attack. 

Some of the CIST methodologies:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Infrastructure Security Testing [CIST] involves assessing a cloud environment to validate security controls, identify vulnerabilities & uncover risks that can impact security & compliance.

Testing is critical for proactively identifying issues before they can be exploited and ensuring compliance with Regulations. It also provides ongoing assurance that defences remain effective as the cloud environment changes.

Typical checks include validating encryption, Security Groups, IAM Policies, Logging, Authentication, Malware protection and scanning for misconfigurations. Compliance against Frameworks like CIS and NIST is also tested.

Regular testing is recommended. We recommend CIST Scans at least once every six (6) months and no more than one (1) year between consecutive Scans. 

Testing should also occur after major environment changes, new deployments or cloud configuration updates.

The duration of each CIST Project depends on the size and complexity of the infrastructure environment but it typically takes anywhere from fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days for Discovery Scan Report to be delivered from the time the Project begins. Some Projects may take lesser or more time depending on the specifics. 

The estimation of the actual duration can be communicated after the walkthrough of the architecture and infrastructure is provided to Neumetric's TechSec Team.

Key benefits include finding vulnerabilities before attackers can leverage them, prioritising remediation efforts, achieving compliance, assuring security controls are working properly & proactively improving defences over time.

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