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Ensuring the security of your cloud infrastructure is critical in today's digital landscape. Neumetric offers comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Security Assessments [CIST] to identify misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and potential security risks within your cloud environment.

Cloud infrastructure Security Testing [CIST] Process

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What is Cloud Infrastructure Security Testing [CIST]?

Cloud Infrastructure Security Testing [CIST] involves assessing a cloud environment to validate security controls, identify vulnerabilities & uncover risks that can impact security & compliance.

Why is it important to test cloud infrastructure security?

Testing is critical for proactively identifying issues before they can be exploited and ensuring compliance with Regulations. It also provides ongoing assurance that defences remain effective as the cloud environment changes.

What steps are used to perform a web application pentest?

Typical checks include validating encryption, Security Groups, IAM Policies, Logging, Authentication, Malware protection and scanning for misconfigurations. Compliance against Frameworks like CIS and NIST is also tested.

How often should Cloud Infrastructure Security Testing [CIST] be performed?

Regular testing is recommended. We recommend CIST Scans at least once every six (6) months and no more than one (1) year between consecutive Scans. 

Testing should also occur after major environment changes, new deployments or cloud configuration updates.

How long does each cycle of CIST take?

The duration of each CIST Project depends on the size and complexity of the infrastructure environment but it typically takes anywhere from fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days for Discovery Scan Report to be delivered from the time the Project begins. Some Projects may take lesser or more time depending on the specifics. 

The estimation of the actual duration can be communicated after the walkthrough of the architecture and infrastructure is provided to Neumetric's TechSec Team.

What are the main benefits of Cloud Infrastructure Security Testing [CIST]?

Key benefits include finding vulnerabilities before attackers can leverage them, prioritising remediation efforts, achieving compliance, assuring security controls are working properly & proactively improving defences over time.

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