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Why Is ISO 27701 Worth Your time?

Here are a few benefits of becoming Compliant:
  1. Increases trust in your brand: Customers are more likely to trust companies that are ISO-compliant. This makes them more likely to purchase from you and refer you to others.
  2. Improves productivity: ISO-compliance increases employee satisfaction, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency. As a result, your business will see an increase in revenue over time as well as reduced costs related to training and turnover.
  3. Saves money in the long term: The process of becoming ISO-compliant often comes with upfront costs such as hiring consultants or purchasing software programs; however, these costs should be recouped quickly due to increased efficiency and improved bottom line performance over time!

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What is ISO 27701 Certification?

ISO/IEC 27701 is an international standard that  provides guidance on how to establish, maintain, and operate Privacy Information Management System [PIMS]. The standard includes requirements for how to manage and protect personal data, as well as how to ensure the security of PIMS.

Neumetric’s  service will ensure that your organisation is ISO 27701 Certified as ISO 27701 Certification is necessary to claim Compliance with the Standard. Neumetric also makes your organisation EU GDPR Compliant during the process of becoming ISO 27701 Compliant.

Compliance with ISO 27701 will help your Organisation reduce its risks and prevent costly data breaches. By implementing the ISO 27701 standard, you can improve your ability to protect your systems from attacks, improve your overall network security, increase the efficiency of your business processes by reducing costs and improving efficiency, and increase customer confidence in your services by providing them with reliable data protection.

Steps involved to obtain ISO 27701 Certification

Our customised procedure will help you establish the credibility of your business, become ISO 27701 compliant by implementing necessary frameworks and security in your organisation.
Assessment & Identification
Neumetric’s InfoSec team undergoes training from the organisation to understand their business. Once  complete, Neumetric starts creating ISMS policies that are required for the ISO 27701 Compliance. A Gap Assessment is conducted on the organisation while the ISMS Policies are reviewed and approved by the management. An Implementation Plan is prepared based on the Gaps identified for ISO 27701 Compliance.
Key resource planning for certification
Based on the Implementation Plan, the gaps are remediated and the defined policies and procedural documents are implemented to bring procedural and cultural changes in the organisation. Post implementation, internal audit is conducted to review the closed gaps, newly defined processes and adherence to the ISO 27701 standard.
Auditor & Audit handling
Audit is scheduled with a reputed certifying body to conduct the external audit. Once they are satisfied with the compliance, ISO 27701 compliance can be claimed by the organisation. The external audit is handled by Neumetric’s team of experts who are experienced in managing such audits for various standards and also relevant training is provided to the stakeholders to face the external auditors.

Benefits of Neumetric's ISO 27701 Certification Service

Neumetric is your partner in achieving ISO 27701 compliance. We offer a range of services to help you navigate the ISO 27701 certification process, including:

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ISO 27001 Certification Service will help you implement the necessary frameworks to make you ISO compliant and obtain ISO 27001 Certification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an international standard that specifies requirements for an information security management system [ISMS] within the context of privacy. This certification means your organisation will have implemented industry-leading controls and processes to protect the personal data of your customers, employees, and partners.

Neumetric's ISO 27701 Compliance Process takes 8 - 9 months depending on the size of the organization. This timeframe is inclusive of EU GDPR Compliance as well as ISO 27001 Certification.

Anyone who wants to keep their data safe!

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, the reality is that you need to protect your information. And if you're not doing it already, then ISO 27701 can help.

ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 are both information security standards created by the International Organization for Standardization. They were developed to ensure that organizations implement best practices when it comes to information security.


ISO 27001 is an overarching standard that covers all aspects of information security management, including risk management, implementation of controls, and continuous improvement. It also contains a number of specific controls that can be implemented within an organization's structure in order to achieve compliance with the standard.

ISO 27701 is a subset of ISO 27001 that applies only to the health sector. It requires organizations in this field to implement specific controls for protecting patient data and other sensitive health information.

The main difference between these two standards lies in their scope: ISO 27701 addresses only one sector of industry, while ISO 27001 can be applied broadly across all industries and sectors (including healthcare).

In short, Yes. The ISO 27701 standard has been designed to ensure that organizations can comply with the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] as well. The standard is designed to help companies meet the requirements of GDPR and also ensure that they are prepared for future legislation.

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