Auditor: Cybersecurity Audit Management

Every Certification requires Audits!

Utilize a predefined set of Controls to cover all your Auditing Plans…
Adopt Auditor to rapidly implement an audit management system.

Compliance and security. Quickly and Reliably

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Predefined Audit Models

Centralized Audit Stats and Dashboard

Integrated Evidence Collection & Compliance Review

Integrated Compliance Task Management

Asynchronous Workflows and Automated Alerts

Automated Audit Reports

Auditor simplifies the process of managing Audits for organizations.

Predefined Audit Models

Audit Management System based on ISO 19011 standard

Centralized Audit Stats and Dashboard

Recovery History and Evidence Collection

Integrated Remediation and Preventive Task Management

Asynchronous Workflows and Automated Alerts

Automated and Audit-compliant Reports


What is Auditor?

Auditor is a module within Fusion, a cybersecurity compliance management system. Auditor focuses on audit management within organizations. It provides the necessary workflows for creating, delivering and tracking Audits aimed at best practices and protocols for robust audit management. With features such as predefined Audit Models, automated and asynchronous workflows, integrated task management, in-built evidence collection and findings management, real-time tracking, performance dashboards and automated Audit Reports, Auditor helps organizations in building a strong cybersecurity culture and empower Compliance Teams to improve compliance effectively.

How can Auditor help you achieve compliance?

The content predefined within Auditor meets the requirements of all major cybersecurity standards, regulations and frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, EU GDPR, Digital PDPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST CSF and CSA STAR.
Automation in allocating Audits, tracking them till closure and notifications to Auditees relieve you of the pain of manual effort.
Centralized dashboards with detailed stats give you real-time information on Department-wise and Standards-wise performance of the auditing program.

Does this Module comply with ISO 27001 and SOC 2?

Yes. Auditor is modeled on the ISO 19011 Standard and it is compliant with ISO 27001 Standard and SOC 2 framework as prescribed by the COSO Principles and it is also compliant with all major compliance standards and frameworks. 

  • ISO 27001 
  • SOC 2 
How are the auditing controls content created, managed and maintained?

Audit Models are predefined with a set of relevant and curated sets of Controls. These Audit Models are based on the requirements of cybersecurity Standards, Frameworks and Regulations such as ISO 27001, EU GDPR, SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST CSF, CSA STAR and many more. You are not required to create or manage content in any way. The prescribed content will automatically ensure that you comply with all cybersecurity standards, regulations and frameworks.

Can I create my own Audits?

Yes. Auditor permits and encourages creation of custom Audits based on the specific circumstances of your organization. Some amount of transformation will need to be done for your set of Controls before it can be consumed by Auditor.

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