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Why Is CSA Star Certification Worth Your time?

Cloud Security Alliance [CSA] Star certification is a recognition that you are a true expert in the field of cloud security. It shows your dedication to protecting your customers and their data, as well as your commitment to staying on top of the latest trends and developments in cloud security.

The Cloud Security Alliance [CSA] is the gold standard for cloud security APIs and frameworks, so when they offer their stamp of approval, you know that your company has been vetted by experts who know what they’re talking about.

There’s no denying that cloud computing has changed the way we work—and it’s up to you to ensure that your organisation uses this technology safely. With CSA Star certification, you can show potential clients that you understand best practices and have taken steps to protect their data from threats both internal and external.

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What is CSA Star Certification?

The Cloud Security Alliance [CSA] is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of best practices for providing security assurance within the cloud computing industry. One of the ways it does this is through the CSA STAR Certification program. CSA Star Certification is a voluntary certification program that recognizes organizations that have demonstrated excellence in cybersecurity. The CSA Star Certification is awarded by the Canadian Cyber Security Association [CCSA].

To achieve CSA Star Certification, organisations must complete a rigorous self-assessment and third-party validation process. This process includes an assessment of an organisation’s cybersecurity program against the CSA’s Cybersecurity Framework.

Steps involved to obtain CSA Star Certification

Our customised procedure will help you establish the credibility of your business, become CSA Star Compliant and implement necessary actions in your organisation to get you CSA Star Certified.
Assessment & Identification
Neumetric’s InfoSec team undergoes training from the organisation to understand their business. Once  complete, Neumetric starts creating ISMS policies that are required for the CSA Star Certification. A Gap Assessment is conducted on the organisation while the ISMS Policies are reviewed and approved by the management. An Implementation Plan is prepared based on the Gaps identified for CSA Star Compliance.
Key resource planning for certification
Based on the Implementation Plan, the gaps are remediated and the defined policies and procedural documents are implemented to bring procedural and cultural changes in the organisation. Post implementation, internal audit is conducted to review the closed gaps, newly defined processes and adherence to the CSA Standard.
Auditor & Audit handling
Audit is scheduled with a reputed certifying body to conduct the external audit. Once they are satisfied with the compliance, CSA Star Certificate will be issued for the organisation. The External Audit is handled by Neumetric’s team of experts who are experienced in managing such Audits for various Standards and also relevant training is provided to the stakeholders to face the External Auditors.

Benefits of Neumetric's CSA Star Certification Service

Neumetric's Cloud Security Alliance Star Certification Service is a comprehensive service that helps you achieve the highest level of cloud security by ensuring that your company is implementing best practices in all areas of security. We provide an extensive audit of your Organization's current cloud security posture, identify gaps in your current policies and procedures, create actionable recommendations for improvement, document those improvements in our audit report and then follow up with a final certification report once your Organisation has completed the recommended improvements and achieved compliance. These best practices are organized into 12 categories: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CSA Star Certification is a voluntary certification program that recognizes organizations that have demonstrated excellence in the delivery of cloud services. The certification is based on a rigorous assessment of an organisation's cloud security practices, processes, and controls. The certification is awarded by the Cloud Security Alliance [CSA], a global non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the practice of secure cloud computing.

Neumetric's CSA Star Compliance Process takes 8-9 months.

The CSA Star Certification Program has three levels of certification:

– Level 1: Basic Cybersecurity Profile
– Level 2: Enhanced Cybersecurity Profile
– Level 3: Advanced Cybersecurity Profile

The purpose of the Cloud Security Alliance Star certification is to help companies that use cloud services to increase their awareness about security issues and risks, as well as provide them with tools for improving their practices.

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