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Why is Web App VAPT Testing worth your time?

With web application VAPT testing, you can make sure that your site has no vulnerabilities when it comes to its security. This will help keep your customers’ information safe and prevent them from being harmed by malware or other threats.

Web app VAPT testing also allows you to learn more about how people use your site, which can help you create a better experience for them in the future. This can include identifying any problems with the way they interact with your site, or learning what they like best about it so that you can make improvements over time. These are just some factors that make your Web Application Vulnerable:

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Benefits of Web Application VAPT

Neumetric’s Web Application Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing Service helps you identify vulnerabilities in your web applications so you can fix them before a hacker does. We use a combination of manual and automated web application vulnerability assessment technology to scan all aspects of your app—from the front end to the back end—so you get comprehensive coverage in a fraction of the time it would take human testers.

Our experts will conduct a thorough review of your web application and provide you with a detailed report of their findings. They will also give you recommendations for how to fix any vulnerabilities that are discovered, including providing you with a list of potential fixes for each vulnerability. Our Web Application Security Testing Checklist covers each and every aspect of your Web Application which include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If Solutions and Organisations are left un-protected or under-protected, it allows for hackers to easily access sensitive information without being observed and re-use the stolen data for wrong-doing or purposes for which the User has not given permission to.
A serious attack could result into a denial of delivery of Service, ransom demands or complete loss of Data. This will result into loss of Credibility, damage claims by Clients, loss of future Business

Technical Security and General Security.
Technical Security pertains to protection of the Platform/Product/Solution/Servers from attacks.
General Security pertains to implementing Organisation wide processes to prevent attacks from being successful

Vulnerability Assessment or VAPT is a technical review of the Code for any bugs & loopholes that may allow unauthorized access or entry to the System.
While writing code developers may not be aware of the security loopholes in the written code.
Vulnerability Assessment is designed to identify such loopholes so that it can be fixed permanently, this ensures that hackers are unable to access the code for malicious purposes.

Approximately 1.25 months excluding remediation activity.

Multiple tools are used during VAPT. Burp Suite & OWASP ZAP are the most commonly used, but depending on need & necessity, we use a host of tools & systems available in the Kali Linux OS. 
For Mobile Apps we frequently use Santoku OS. 
For APIs we primarily use Postman.

We do not remediate but do provide explanation on how to remediate the Vulnerabilities. Fixing them is your responsibility.

A web application vulnerability is a flaw in the code of a website that allows hackers to access sensitive information (such as passwords) or take control of the site. Web applications are used for things like file sharing, e-commerce, and social networking.

The main steps of web application security testing are:

  1. Identify the target
  2. Perform reconnaissance
  3. Conduct initial reconnaissance via automated tools
  4. Determine the scope of the test (what will and won't be tested)
  5. Develop a testing strategy that addresses identified vulnerabilities
  6. Test for known vulnerabilities using automated tools and manual techniques
  7. Test for unknown vulnerabilities using automated tools and manual techniques

A vulnerability assessment tool is a software program that helps you find vulnerabilities in your computer or network.
Vulnerability assessment tools are used by businesses and individuals to make sure that their systems are secure. They can be used on individual computers, networks, or even entire organisations. The purpose of a vulnerability assessment tool is to scan your computer or network for any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers.

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