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Auditor & Arc are cloud-based SaaS solutions for Audit Management, Risk Management, Compliance Management & Task Management that helps companies automate their workflows for processes like Gap Assessments & Internal Audits for standards such as ISO 27001 & PCI DSS.

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Auditor (Audit Management)

Auditor is Neumetric's Compliance Assessment & Risk Management System.

Arc (InfoSec Task Management)

Arc Is Neumetric's own Compliance Management System designed to help you through your InfoSec Certification process


Plug-n-Play Platform

Neumetric's Products are cloud-based SaaS Solutions that you can access from anywhere on any device! They do not require complex setup and can be used straight out-of-the-box.

One Secure Place for All Records

Neumetric's ensures that all records related uploaded to or created by our suite of cyber security products are securely stored within the system, making it easy to access and utilise them for as and when necessary.

Workflow Automation

Neumetric's cutting-edge products not only reduce the time taken to conduct audits, but also automate workflow, ensuring prompt follow-ups with relevant departments for quick and efficient closure of audit tasks.

Here is an Introduction video on Auditor ! Click the button below to get a hands-on demo of Auditor.

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