Information Security Effectiveness through ISO 27004 Standard

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Information Security Effectiveness through ISO 27004 Standard
Information Security Effectiveness through ISO 27004 Standard
Information Security Effectiveness through ISO 27004 Standard
Information Security Effectiveness through ISO 27004 Standard
Information Security Effectiveness through ISO 27004 Standard

Information Security Effectiveness through ISO 27004 Standard

When it comes to information security, being careful is not enough. Protecting commercially sensitive information and personal records is quite critical. But how can you tell that your Information Security Management System [ISMS] is being effective & making a difference?

Guidance from ISO 27004

The goal of a security process is to minimize exposure to risk, so it is crucial to determine the efficiency of the implemented controls. 

  • How do you justify & explain the budget to improve your existing controls? 
  • How do you measure whether the implemented security controls are effective or not? 

It is important to demonstrate to your Senior Management & to your organization that the funds that are meant for implementing the security controls will be invested in preventing the issues that can adequately mitigate & reduce an information risk against any of the core business processes. 

ISO 27004 can provide guidance on how to evaluate the information security performance and the effectiveness of your ISMS. It explains how to assess and report the results of a set of information security metrics and how to develop and operate measurement processes. ISO 27004 is valid for & applicable to organizations of all types & sizes. It helps establish the following important aspects:

  1. monitoring and measurement of information security performance;
  2. monitoring the effectiveness of an ISMS including its processes and controls;
  3. scrutinizing and evaluating the results of monitoring and measurement.

The value of ISO 27004 in mitigating Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are one of the greatest risks that a business can face and that is why the enhanced version of ISO 27004 is trusted the most as a reliable mechanism to manage them. It gives the necessary fundamental and practical support to organizations that have already implemented the ISO 27001 Standard to safeguard themselves from the growing diversity of cyberattacks that they face.

Cyber security metrics can provide insights about the effectiveness of an ISMS and hence have taken center stage in an effective information security program. Whether you are a Professional, Consultant, or Engineer responsible for cybersecurity and for reporting to the Management, security metrics have become a crucial way to communicate the state of your organization’s cyber security risk posture.

Making the most out of your Cyber Security Investment

Organizations need help in addressing the question of whether their investment in information security management is effective or not. They need to know what it is fit for the purpose to react, defend, and respond to the continually changing cyber-risk environment. This is where ISO 27004 can provide multiple advantages to your organization.

ISO 27004 can help organizations construct an information security measurement program, make selections as to what needs to be measured, and operate the necessary measurement processes. This includes different types of measures and how the effectiveness of these measures can be assessed.

Benefits of using ISO 27004

Using ISO 27004 provides many benefits to organizations:

  1. Improved accountability.
  2. Enhanced ISMS processes and information security performance.
  3. Evidence of meeting requirements of ISO 27001.
  4. Adherence to applicable Laws, Rules, and Regulations.

Neumetric, a cyber security services, consulting & products organization, can help you reduce your security cost without compromising your security posture. Our years of in-depth experience in handling security for organizations of all sizes & in multiple industries make it easier for us to quickly execute cost-cutting activities that do not bring value to you, while you continue focusing on the business objectives of the Organization.

Get in touch with us if you wish to implement the ISO 27001 Series of information security standards in your organization.

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