Why is Cybersecurity Important in 2020 than Ever?

By - Omni
21/08/20 02:36 AM
Not very long ago, Cybersecurity was primarily something for the techies to worry about. Many businesses viewed it as a responsibility of the IT department, where right firewalls, antivirus packages and encryption tools in place can allow the leaders to leave IT security to the experts and then they can focus on other myriad elements of running a Business. 

But today, Cybersecurity is not something that anyone can afford to ignore. Hacks and Data Breaches are affecting Businesses of all sizes. Cyberattacks have become sophisticated and they are much more than just a quick exploit of a credit card number. Think of advanced attacks where large databases with millions of customer details are targeted, or intellectual property is exfiltrated after a weaponized document attack.

Additionally, the commercialization of malware has made it increasingly easy for people to mount attacks even with very little knowledge. Some expertise and a pocketful of bitcoins can help anyone to buy the required malware application. Not just global Organizations are being damaged by malicious activity, but financial companies have been experiencing maximum Cybersecurity Incidents. The growing threat of data breaches and malicious activity clearly highlights the speed required to tackle the problem. But if you think mitigating attacks is something that will all “one-size-fits-all”, then you really need to give it a second thought. With new technology evolving each day, recognizing one type of threat will not necessarily help you spot the next one.

Cybersecurity is an Organization-wide Responsibility

The unprecedented level of costly data breaches over the last six months has forced C-suite executives to sit up and think about what they can do to prevent the attacks. Today, Organizations are realizing the need for increased investment in cybersecurity. More than 70% of financial Businesses that experienced cyber incidents in the last year are looking forward to seeing an increase in cybersecurity investment. Good Security is more than just technology. Organizations have started understanding the problems related to cloud-based services, like Dropbox and OneDrive. A Business may not be directly targeted by an attack, but still it can get caught up in the collateral damage of a hack against the cloud provider.


Cybersecurity tools may be a safety net, but are the last line of defence. Educating the employees about cybersecurity risks is a must. You must alert them about data breaches, how to recognize them and mitigate them. According to the study, nearly half of cybersecurity incidents in the past one year have been caused by internal errors. For instance, data protection policies or employees failing to follow security protocols. With human error accounting for numerous incidents, technology is the safety net to prevent such mistakes. Improved processes around what to do when there is a problem or when an employee thinks there is one or while secure information handling can help a lot. Employees should be able to recognize the threats such as phishing emails, or Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams. A well-understood process about who to contact and what happens next is critical for building a culture that has information security at its core.

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