What is Botnet? How to Prevent Botnet attacks?

Think of the damage that a hacker can do. Right from, breaking into people’s accounts, spreading fake websites, sending out dangerous spam to tricking people into handing out personal information, infecting millions with malware, and even denying access to the internet. Now imagine what a hacker can...

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5G IoT Security – What’s in it for CISOs?
While 5G digital cellular networks are being set up around the world, it will surely take years for widespread coverage. This is the best time to find a way to ease into it while keeping security in mind.

A New World of Opportunities, but with Risks

The digital cellular network, 5G opens up a whole ne...
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Indian Data Protection Bill – How to comply with The New Data Law?
The Indian Government is all set to legislate the Personal Data Protection Bill of 2019, which seeks to protect the privacy of personal data, regulate the processing of critical and sensitive personal data and establish a Data Protection Authority of India (DPAI) for regulations. In other words, the...
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Data Protection from Security People

Talking of modern security tools that scan millions of devices every day and gather intelligence on billions of events, these devices have grown increasingly capable. While the whole idea is to bring more information together for threat intelligence, it is equally important to understand how all thi...

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What is Cybersecurity Leadership?
For organizations today, cyber risk is everywhere. Nevertheless, for every investment they have done to secure the systems and protect customers, entrepreneurs are still struggling to make cybersecurity a hands-on part of operations and strategy. 

There are basically two reasons behind this, fir...
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Cyber Risks Heating Up for Businesses with International Tensions Flaring
You might be aware that security issues (Cyber Risks) have been moving from Trojans and Phishing to explosions at night. The military action involving Iran and the United States led many to speculate about possible cybersecurity repercussions. However, experts have a question as to whether the threa...
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With Cyber Threats Evolving Increasingly, Effective Risk Management is The Masterkey
Corporate information security risk management is undoubtedly a tough job, especially when we know that Businesses keep generating large volumes of data and allow cyber threats to evolve. Now some people may blame control frameworks, but these are simply cataloging the possibilities. But I would say...
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GDPR for Sales – How GDPR affects Cold Emailing Calling?
If your sales process relies heavily on cold emailing or calling prospects, then there is something crucial for you to know about the European General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR).
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How Organizations are Helping Networking Hacking?

With the constantly evolving technology, Hacker’s techniques are also advancing. And this is something that puts tremendous pressure on Organizations to constantly update their security measures so as to keep their data secure from network hacking.


Hackers can not only expose crucial company in...

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Have You Heard About the Whale Phishing Attack?
A whaling attack, also known as a whale phishing attack, is a common cyber-attack that targets high-profile employees, like CEO or CFO, as they’re likely to possess access to more confidential data, intellectual property, and other sensitive information. In many cases, the attacker's goal is to infl...
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