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AI Together With Cybersecurity
AI Together With Cybersecurity
AI Together With Cybersecurity
AI Together With Cybersecurity
AI Together With Cybersecurity

AI Together With Cybersecurity – Predictions By Experts

In the current pandemic situation, cybersecurity is at an inflection point, where machine learning and advances in Artificial Intelligence are accelerating the technological process of cybersecurity. Real-time data and analytics have made it possible to build stronger business cases and drive higher adoption. While cybersecurity hasn’t been about increasing revenues or reducing costs lately, the year 2020 is seeing a lot of changes.

Predictions by cybersecurity experts

Neumetric is one of the top cybersecurity companies in Bangalore that helps manage cybersecurity risk through people, processes, and technology. The cybersecurity experts at Neumetric believe that AI and machine learning will improve cybersecurity in the coming years. Let’s have a look at what experts have to say. 

  • Asset management improvements are on the cards with AI & Machine Learning: Keeping the machines up to date and knowing what devices should be on the network may be taken care of by the IT department, but is definitely a security outcome. Questions like what processes are running or what’s consuming network bandwidth are not distinct activities, rather these all are multiple facets of the same problem space. This will be accelerated in 2020 as more enterprises are looking forward to greater resiliency to secure endpoints.
  • Increased use of AI for cyberattacks: Cyber attackers will increase the use of AI to analyze defense mechanisms and replicate behavioral patterns to bypass security controls in order to leverage analytics and machine learning to hack into businesses. Cyber attackers may increase their use and sophistication of AI algorithms to analyze organizations and customize the attacks to specific weak areas.
  • AI & Machine Learning will help automate security operations processes: With a shortage of security operations resources and the ever-increasing volume of data that many businesses are trying to work through, we are likely to see organizations seeking out AI or Machine Learning capabilities to automate the security operations processes. While AI and machine learning will be used vastly to detect new threats, it still leaves businesses with the task of understanding the scope, severity, and veracity of that threat so as to inform an effective response. So with security operations becoming a big data problem, big data solutions will find their way.
  • Greater control over data sharing & privacy: In 2020, consumers will take greater control of their data sharing and privacy. Over the past few years, we have experienced the biggest data and privacy breaches and due to this, many tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have beefed up their privacy controls so as to gain the trust back from customers. But now the tables have turned in favor of consumers. The tech giants will now be required to put privacy first to stay in the business. In the future, consumers will own their data, will selectively share it with third parties, and also get their data back after sharing.

Cybersecurity experts at Neumetric bring a knowledgeable, insightful, and unique perspective about AI and machine learning and these pointers are sure to enlighten entities and improve cybersecurity.

Neumetric, a cybersecurity services, consulting & products Organization, can help you reduce your security cost without compromising your security posture. Our years of in-depth experience in handling security for Organizations of all sizes & in multiple industries make it easier for us to quickly execute cost-cutting activities that do not bring value to you, while you continue focusing on the Business objectives of the Organization.

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