Managed Cyber Security Service: Secrets You Should Know

managed cyber security service

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Managed Cyber Security Service: Secrets You Should Know


Most people are aware of the importance of cyber security. However, not everyone is well-versed in its nuances and finer details. Cyber security can be a daunting subject and even those who want to learn more often find it difficult to navigate through the maze of available content on the internet. In this article, we will explore what Managed Security Service Providers [MSSP] are and how they can benefit your Organisation.

What is a Managed Security Service Provider [MSSP] in cyber security?

MSSPs are a type of Managed Services Provider [MSP] that specialises in providing security services to Customers. MSSPs typically provide a range of security services, including:

  • Security Compliances: MSSPs can provide security compliance solutions that help you meet the various industry regulations and standards. These may include PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001/27002 and more.
  • Malware Detection and Removal: MSSPs can detect malware that may have infected your network, and remove it. MSSPs also provide ongoing monitoring of your systems to ensure they are not reinfected with malware.
  • Security Awareness Training: MSSPs can provide security awareness training for employees so that they understand how to protect against cyber attacks and stay safe online.
  • Firewall Management: MSSPs can manage your firewall for you. This includes monitoring, updating and troubleshooting it. Some MSSPs will also provide on-demand firewall services when needed (for example, if your Organisation is being attacked by a botnet).
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention [IDP]: MSSPs can provide intrusion detection and prevention tools to protect your Organisation from malicious threats. These tools monitor network traffic, looking for signs of an attack. If they find one, they block it and notify you immediately so that you can take action. MSSPs can also provide Advanced Threat Protection [ATP] services to help prevent malware infections or block them if they do occur.
  • Application control and Content filtering: Application control allows you to limit what applications your employees can use on their devices by blocking unauthorised apps or limiting access to certain apps. Content filtering lets you block websites that contain potentially damaging content or sensitive data, such as social media sites or pornography. This service also includes monitoring of employee web usage so that you know what they are doing online while using company devices.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: A vulnerability assessment scans your network to find any security holes that hackers could exploit. A penetration test is a simulated attack on the network, designed to identify vulnerabilities and determine if they can be exploited.
  • Data Loss Prevention [DLP] solutions for email encryption and archiving: DLP solutions can help protect your email communications by encrypting sensitive information and preventing unauthorised access to it. A DLP solution also includes a way to archive emails that have been deleted so they are not lost forever.
  • SIEM reporting: A SIEM is a Security Information and Event Management system that collects data from your network for analysis. It can generate reports about potential threats and vulnerabilities in your environment, so you can stay informed.
  • Incident Response capabilities: An incident response capability refers to the ability of your IT security team to respond to an event or breach. This includes having a plan in place for how you will react if an attack is detected, as well as training your employees on what they should do if they suspect their network has been compromised.
  • Threat Intelligence integration into the existing security infrastructure, etc.

What is the difference between managed security services and cyber security services?

As the name suggests, Managed Security Services are a proactive approach to cyber security. It is also referred to as managed service because it involves a third-party company (e.g., a MSP) managing your IT environment and providing support for your Organisation’s data protection needs.

On the other hand, cyber security solutions are reactive in nature. They do not provide holistic approaches to help you protect your business from threats such as malware and ransomware attacks but focus on short term fixes that address specific vulnerabilities instead of tackling them head on before they happen or even when they occur later on down the line .

The distinction between cyber security solutions and managed services is not always clear-cut. Some Managed Service Providers [MSPs] offer proactive cyber security solutions, while some security vendors also provide managed services to Organisations that want to outsource their IT infrastructure management.

What is a cyber security service provider?

In the realm of managed cyber security services, a Managed Security Service Provider [MSSP] is a company that provides managed security services to their clients. These companies can be also known as Managed Security Service Providers [MSSP].

In order to provide its clients with high-quality service and support, an MSSP must have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are experts in different areas such as network security, data protection, data loss prevention and incident response.

Why do you need managed security services?

You need a Managed Security Service Provider to protect your business from cyber threats. A managed security service can help you manage and reduce risk. You can focus on running your business instead of spending time managing security. Managed services include:

  • Monitoring for malicious activity, including malware and viruses.
  • Detection of issues before they result in loss or damage to property or data.
  • Planning for potential risks and impacts (for example, if an attack occurs).
  • Remediation services that fix problems after they occur.

Managed security service providers [MSSPs] can provide a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution to your cyber security needs. They are able to overcome the challenges of securing your business by offering solutions that are tailored specifically to your business, which helps reduce the risk of data loss. Managed security service providers also help you reduce the need for additional staff while also protecting you from cyber attacks and helping you comply with data privacy regulations.

What are the biggest benefits of having a Managed Security Service Provider?

Managed cyber security service providers offer a range of benefits to your Organization, including:

  • Reduced cost: You can expect to save up to 30 percent on your current cyber security budget by outsourcing your IT security needs.
  • Increased speed of response: With managed services, you will have access to experts who can respond quickly when an attack occurs and restore your network more quickly than it would take for you to hire staff yourself.
  • Improved quality: A Managed Service Provider is able to provide better cyber security because they have access to the latest software and tools in this area than an individual company could afford on its own.
  • Increased level of satisfaction from customers: Since having a Managed Service Provider means that you will not be dependent on having a knowledgeable staff member always available 24 hours per day/7 days per week, customers should experience fewer delays or problems with their online transactions because there will always be someone available at all times who knows what they are doing when it comes time for troubleshooting issues related directly or indirectly back into the network itself (such as those caused by malware).


To summarise, managed cyber security services are a great solution to help you manage your network and data. By using managed security services, you can focus on running your business while the experts take care of everything else. This will allow you to have more time for what matters most; that is growing your business.


How many MSSPs are there?

There are many MSSPs available to you. You can find them by searching the internet or talking with your current provider. Neumetric, a cyber security products and services Organisation, offers Managed Security Services as part of our Information Security Services. Click here to know more about the Managed Security Service provided by Neumetric.

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