Month: December 2019

IT Managers are struggling to cope with Cyber-attacks

On average, IT departments devote 26% of their time to managing cybersecurity. This may seem like a significant chunk of resources, but evidence suggests that it’s not enough. A lack of specialist human resources is a major issue, with 86% of managers saying that they require greater cybersecurity skills within their organisation to avoid cyber-attacks.

One way of addressing cyber-attacks is, organizations to look for ways to do more with less: examples include enhanced security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities and increased automation in areas such as patch management, backups and reporting.

Individuals have a big role to play, too – not least when it comes to seeking out training opportunities to bridge the skills gap. One thing is particularly clear: with eight in ten organisations saying they are struggling to recruit security talent, those individuals who are ready and willing to boost their cybersecurity skills portfolio are likely to find themselves increasingly in demand.

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