Technical Security

Protecting & Building A Robust Infrastructure

Data is the most critical asset for any business, but do you know there is always more ways for technical security. In 2016, 57 million Uber Rider’s information and 3 billion Yahoo Accounts were hacked. And many such similar major security incidents happened in the same year. According to sources, it is estimated that cybercrime will cost a huge amount of $6 Trillion to the global economy, annually, by 2021. So, now you know, your data and systems are more vulnerable now than ever before. The daily appearance of threats and the hasty pace of business makes it exposed to these cyber attacks. This means you should always be on the ready, no matter the threat.

Neumetric’s Technical Security Services

Neumetric’s Technical Security Services accelerate the growth of your business towards a safer environment, with absolutely no gaps. Our services not only ensure that your shields are up and your ready to deflect the latest threats, but we also make sure that you meet your client requirements. To help you stay ahead of the game, we offer security measures across five key dimensions.
  1. Application Scanning & Testing: Objective evaluation of applications both inside-out (Whitebox Testing/Static Application Security Testing) and outside-in approaches (Blackbox Testing/ Dynamic Application Security Testing)
  2. API Scanning & Testing: Meticulous assessment of the security posture of your APIs using scalable and automated tools. They seamlessly integrate with your APIs, assess them thoroughly and identify the gaps that need to be addressed immediately to provide the desired level of security. We go a step further and provide a roadmap with actionable insights to narrow down the security gap. Regular audits and scans coupled with re-assessments for improvements ensure unbreakable security.
  3. VPC Network Scanning & Testing: Adding an additional layer of security to the existing Virtual Private Cloud to ensure data security and no leaks. Continuous monitoring of the existing assets to maintain a robust security posture.
  4. LAN Network Scanning & Testing: Evaluation of the existing infrastructure to discover outdated network services, missing security patches, badly configured servers and many other vulnerabilities along with assessing the network perimeter.
  5. Mobile App Scanning & Testing: Delivering robust and secured mobile apps by scanning and testing for vulnerabilities, identifying and addressing gaps.
Shield your business from the latest tech threats with Neumetrics technical Security Services.
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