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Neumetric is a Cybersecurity Services & Products Company that serves Organizations by bolstering their information security  creating a secure environment in which they can operate. Our primary objective is to build, operate, maintain & transfer a robust, reliable & sustainable information security management system [ISMS].

The idea of Neumetric originates from the fact that cyber security, data protection, data privacy & regulatory compliance has become a growing & serious concern for Organizations, while the expertise for establishing these aspects within the operational & cultural values has become more scarce.


To assemble a strong, well-trained & passionate Team to address contemporary and future cybersecurity or privacy challenges faced by businesses, organizations and individuals. Our core vision is about ensuring that our Professionals are able to understand, solve & then eliminate cyber security problems for our stakeholders.


To constantly drive an atmosphere of learning & practice within Neumetric which translates into effective & efficient solutions for cyber security problems of our Stakeholders, whether they are Organizations, Government or Individuals.

To keep ourselves updated with about the latest developments in the field of cyber security, whether they are related to Standards, Frameworks, Practices, Regulations, Incidents or the Domain.

Our Strength

  • We are led by highly experienced & successful professionals from the cyber security domain.
  • We utilize a combination of tools and processes to effectively manage the cyber security needs of our Stakeholders.
  • We employ simple processes for gradually but reliably improve the cyber security posture of our Stakeholders.

Code of Ethics

  • Integrity
    We shall offer our services in a clear & transparent manner, without counterparts or favours.

  • Morality 

    We shall offer our services in an ethical & moral manner that does not cause harm to our Clients, their Organization, their Employees or the general Public.

  • Legality 

    We shall always abide by the law of the land that we operate in.

  • Confidentiality
    We shall offer our services in utmost confidentiality, including restrictions on disclosure of the names of our Clients outside of Neumetric.

  • Need to Know
    We shall function & operate internally on the principle of “Need to Know” which results in restriction of information & data for those who do not need to have access.

  • Efficient & Effective
    We shall plan & deliver in a manner that is the most efficient & effective for the objectives that we at hand, as long as they do not interfere or disregard with our need to maintain integrity, morality & legality.

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Bangalore, India

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