Cyberattacks Are Likely From Criminals Than Foreign Nations

By - Omni
11/06/20 05:47 AM
According to the former National Security Agency director Mike Rogers, the cyberattacks are likely to come from criminals that are funded by U.S. enemies than from foreign nations themselves. These are much bigger cybercriminals than the enemies themselves. Mike Rogers suspects that some states are creating relationships with cybercriminals, giving them money, targets, and tools and this is expected to grow in the coming years. BlackBerry CEO John Chen described how his company shifted from producing one of the world’s most popular mobile devices to becoming a provider of security-focused software. They were providing the software to the world’s top mobile device manufacturers and internet-connected devices in Ford, General Motors, and other vehicles.

Pentagon needs to prepare

With the growing number of internet-connected devices like cell phones, fitness trackers, thermostats, and medical devices like pacemakers, cyberattacks will soon become a weapon. Mike has warned the Pentagon by stating that it needs to change how it buys weapon systems to build in cybersecurity from the beginning. It also needs to include funding for cyber updates, as many systems have outdated cybersecurity protections by the time they are delivered. Rogers added that his concern is not a cyberattacks on the U.S. government or other corporate networks, because these attacks are not a surprise, and Businesses and governments have recovered more quickly from hackers than from natural disasters. He is more concerned about security breaches that affect health care data because such data is widely shared and the devices measuring health data are growing day by day.

A word from BlackBerry CEO

John Chen became BlackBerry’s CEO in 2013. He explained that the company was headed for financial disaster in 2013, with deteriorating sales and dwindling cash. There were Chinese competitors who were selling similar devices for less than the cost of the parts for BlackBerry smartphones. He had to slash the costs so that the company could generate instead of burning through cash. Since BlackBerry was known for privacy and reliability, he refocused the company on privacy and security through software. This gave the company higher profit margins than selling consumer phones. Late last year, the company acquired antivirus software provider Cylance to add artificial intelligence capabilities to BlackBerry’s security products for internet-connected devices. The company is now generating more than $1 billion in revenue from security products and made its first profit since 2012.

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